Black Gold Blues

Looking at the T.V. screen, I sat and realized that this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was of a monstrous proportion. There are many reasons why this happened, and many years before it will be cleaned up. Countless unthought of repercussions from the spilling of The Black Gold will surface over the years. Our obsession over fossil fuel has to stop. The T.V. tries to tell me who to blame, but I blame us all. Most of us own or have owned something made from petroleum and, participated in the progression of Black Gold at some point. Man, I got the Black Gold Blues. Its hard to shake.

I think about my friends in New Orleans and the struggle that lays ahead. Thoughts of the future and our reliance on non-renewables for fuel made me think.
How can one person make a difference in the environmental challenges of today? It starts with a thought. That internal debate is just the impetus for the change needed.

Don’t let the Black Gold Blues get you down. If you cant make it on down to The Gulf to help with the cleanup responsibilities, thats ok. Think of their suffering and do what you can to be a steward of the land in your area. People across the world are going to unite over this tragedy. If the spill doesn’t make people environmentalists, I’m not sure what will. It could be the catalyst for change weve been waiting for. It could be what is needed to catapult the economy into a renewable future, where prosperity abounds and, energy is clean and cheap. A new, young crew of energy freedom fighters will have their chance to make a difference.
Black Gold, Your days are numbered.

by: Nicolas Mazzoli