Hope for Copenhagen

Is there any hope for the international climate summit in Copenhagen? That depends on who you are and, what you represent. Every player in the game wants to make a buck or save one. If you are a citizen of Earth and, your hope for the future is a clean planet with minimal pollution, there is some hope. If you are a develping country like Brazil, South Africa or China, there is hope that you will be able to continue down the road of dirty development without changing your ways. If you are the United States or the European Union, there is hope that change will come in the form of clean energy and, a new clean economy. With economies of the world in a state of flux citizens of Earth can only hope that the emergence of a clean energy future will be on the horizon. Many forces are at play in the battle for a cleaner future. There are the energy companies and multinationals that want the old status quo. There are plans within plans. There are big players in the energy game that want a piece of the pie like Vestus and, Schott Solar. Schott would like to see other countries develop a clean energy act like that of Germany. While Vestus is banking on newly acquired state and federal land in the U.S. for their wind farms to take flight.
With so many agendas out there it is hard to stay focused on the real issue. The major media outlets are in cohootz with giants like GE and Westinghouse. Is geo-engineering something we even need to be discussing? Is it a way for more companies to stake their claim in the climategold rushthat is happening? Shouldn’t we be trying to take steps to cure the pollution now without treating just the illness. Its just like the healthcare issue we are facing today in the U.S. This is the healthcare reform bill for the planet we are talking about here.

Today I read via www.washingtonsblog.com about the same woman who invented the credit default swaps for good oleJP Morgan and his gang. Her name is Blythe Masters. She is ruthless in the banking game. She will stop at nothing to develop the next big banking scheme for her bankster buddies. Now she is in charge of Morgan’s environmental businesses as the firm’s global head of commodities. The same scam that got us into our current financial crisis will repeat itself if banksters like her get away with their plans to create a new commodities market based on carbon. I plan to find out who else is involved in these carbon futures. Is this the next big ponzi scheme that will rob entire countries of wealth?

watch the video

watch the video

We are seeing results coming in from the summit now as we approach the end of the week. As world leaders begin to show at the conference we will hopefully get a clear view of who is playing roulet with our climate and who truly has our best interest in mind.


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