How To Use The Map

1) Click on LOGIN.

2) Enter credentials or click JOIN

3) Fill out your info (the bottom part is optional)

4) Start Ecocritiquing!

Ecocritique allows the user to critique the environmental status of anywhere on Earth. Just pick from one of the three main elements to pinpoint where you will be commenting about and, select from 1 of the sub categories. Environmental Networking is an easy way to reconnect people with their surroundings. Basically, you can document anything environmental happening in your part of the world.

  • Be positive, if you see someone doing the right thing for the environment you can let the world know with an Ecocritique.
  • Do you see a green roof, garbage on the street, toxic spills or ground water being tainted? Ecocritique it! Do you feel a certain company is harmful to the environment? Ecocritique it! We offer a means to document everything from air pollution to organic wineries. Is your place of work using those old, tired light bulbs from the last century?
  • Make a comment about it anonymously without putting your job in jeopardy. Ecocritique provides a quick and easy way to document the instance by inputting the address or GPS coordinates on the map and, creating a marker. (SIGN UP WITH US TO USE THE MAP), then, click (Login) on the home page. Let the world know what you see and where.
  • Fill out the different criteria and choose the category that best describes what you are Ecocritiquing.
  • Beneath each category is a sub-category that further delineates what the Ecocritique is about.
  • Give it a rating 1-5 leaflets.  5 being the most Eco-friendly, 1 being the least (non-Ecofriendly).
  • Are you buying a new home and want to check for pollution in that area? Use Ecocritique.
  • Don’t want to support a business that pollutes? Check their status on Ecocritique.
  • Let Ecocritique know if your work place would benefit from solar panels or an energy audit. Do you see a building benefitting from a green roof, LEED status or new efficient lighting?
  • Ecocritique has several main categories and, many sub-categories to help process the critique into our database. Don’t see a category that describes what you are looking for?  Use the Miscellaneous category
  • If you provide us with contact information for the business or location, we will attempt to rectify the situation by contacting the appropriate person with an email.
  • Furthermore, if you have a comment about how we can do a better job, please let us know. Start using that map!

*Ecocritique does not allow posting private homes on the map. Ecocritique doesn’t allow for rude, malicious, or vulgar comments and they will be deleted.

Special thanks to Mike Walsh for designing the Ecocritique Logo