Black Gold Blues

Looking at the T.V. screen, I sat and realized that this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was of a monstrous proportion. There are many reasons why this happened, and many years before it will be cleaned up. Countless unthought of repercussions from the spilling of The Black Gold will surface over the years. […]

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Ecocritique v1.4 to feature Augmented Reality

The newest version of Ecocritique will feature an augmented reality function courtesy of Once you have Layar installed on your iPhone (its free) a new perspective on the world awaits you. We hope that the AR will enable users to get better spatial awareness while using Ecocritique. The AR function can be changed to a […]

Masdar “Greenest” city on Earth?

This photo may look like something on the planet of Tatooine out of the Star Warsmovie saga, but it is actually a rendering of what the city of Masdar may look like here on Earth. Masdar is a concept city that some obscenely rich Arab oil Sheiks are planning to build just outside of […]

Everglades restoration: U.S. Sugar buyout/Ethanol plant proposal

Sept. 25th is the deadline for a deal to buyout U.S. Sugar Corp, and restore 187,000 acres of Everglades wetland. The deal has a rock bottom price of $1.75 billion dollars that will be paid to U.S. Sugar for the land. In return for the $9,358 per acre paid by the Water Management District Floridians […]

The Ecocritique App is here!

The Ecocritique App is a new Environmental Networking tool that allows the user to do everything they do on from their iphone. Contact us via email for a free download code! It has been a long time coming and, we are pleased to say that we look forward to many years of public service. […]

Hope for Copenhagen

Is there any hope for the international climate summit in Copenhagen? That depends on who you are and, what you represent. Every player in the game wants to make a buck or save one. If you are a citizen of Earth and, your hope for the future is a clean planet with minimal pollution, there […]